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EuconLayouter Support

Using EuconLayouter is easy!

Should you be unclear about some details (or don't feel like experimenting), you can download the latest version of the user's manual here.

Overview of changes in 2.5:

  1. Resolved issue with some international language settings
  2. Automatic and manual check for software updates
  3. Supports and includes latest AppSets (up to version 19.9)
  4. User-interface improvements
  5. Improved stability

New Command Edit Window in version 2.0:

  1. Key Type:
    Most controls have only the ‘NormalKey’, meaning its active when no modifier is depressed. To extend the functionality additional keys can be added by clicking the ‘+’ sign at the far right. All permutations of modifier keys are possible, e.g.: Win/Cntr/Alt/Shift.
  2. Labels:
    The top row are the (default) settings when the control is not engaged, the second if it is engaged (button pressed). The checkmark at the beginning of the line enables/ disables the second label.
  3. Command:
    Choose between the different types of commands (Eucon, Key, BankLink [jump], Surface) from the ‘Type’ dropdown menu. The feedback option is only available for Eucon and Surface commands.
  4. Multiple Commands:
    A single button can trigger a sequence of commands, such as return to the beginning of the project + start playing. By pressing the ‘+’ sign at the far right to the Cmnd tabs, additional commands can be added. A delay between the commands can be added using the appropriate field.
  5. Eucon Command List:
    Clicking the ‘...’ button, next to the Eucon command field brings up a list of all available Eucon commands. These are Pro Tools commands and may not work in other workstations! Similarly a list of ‘Surface’ commands is available here when the ‘Surface’ command type is chose from the dropdown menu.
  6. Multi DAW:
    Each control can be persistently linked to one or several particular DAW[s] (ID number). If no DAW is checked, the command will be sent to the currently active workstation.

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EuconLayouter EditWindow