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News about EuconLayouter

  • Version 2.0 available now!:

    • Support for Pro Tools 2018/2019.
    • Add, edit, export multiple commands per button.
    • Conveniently choose between different software versions and DAWs.
    • Access all modifier keys from a simple consistent user interface.
    • New powerful, easy to use command edit window.
    • Download new AppSet xml files directly into EuconLayouter.
    • Add new banks before or after the current bank.
    • Copy/paste banks before or after the current bank.

  • Known issue in version 2.0:

    With certain international regions and language settings, EuconLayouter fails to open AppSet xml files! This is due to some number formating issue and an update resolving the issue is already in testing. In the mean time, please adjust your region setting while using EuconLayouter by following these steps:
    1. Change the Region under ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Language & Region’ and change the ‘Region’ to ‘United States’.
      (You may need to also set the language to English)
    2. Close System Preferences
    3. [Re] start EuconLayouter
    4. Open a file

  • October '16: Version 1.01 is out now!
    New features and improvements include:
    • 10 levels of undo/redo
    • Copy/Paste entire pages
    • User interface updated to better represent the S6 control surface
    • Bank label background color rendered
    • Ships with updated default XML files supporting the latest S6 software versions
  • September '16: EuconLayouter S6 is here! The new version supports all the sofkeys and transport keys Avid's System6 control surface! Check out this brief video.

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