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Welcome to EuconLayouter!

Welcome to the first 'drag and drop' editor for Avid's System6.

EuconLayouter is an easy to use "drag and drop" editor for S6 control surfaces. It is a fast and convenient tool to arrange Eucon commands, keyboard shortcuts and navigation controls on the softkey and transport key panels of the S6. Individual controls can be customized with icons, label text and background color, all from a single window. Banks can be inserted, linked (for navigation) and deleted as needed.

  • Create your own softkey layouts on the Avid System6.
  • Simple drag and drop user interface to arrange commands.
  • Select commands from categories or use the find function.
  • Edit a control's icon, text and color, quickly and easily.
  • Create any number of pages.
  • Create links to navigate the pages.
  • Supports any Eucon enabled Workstation.
  • Only $39.

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    EuconLayouter ScreenShot